Hutchinson & Partners is formed of a collection of like-minded architects dedicated to creating places and architecture of enduring quality. We share a goal to create considered and responsive architectural solutions that are explored through both collective and individual thought. We are a practice that allows anyone with determination, ability and craft to contribute to the practice’s direction and represent the practice at the highest level.

We combine flair and creativity with commercial understanding and deliverability, tailoring individual solutions to each projects requirements and budget, and drawing upon the knowledge of our internal teams, for Design Review, BIM and Sustainability ensuring consistency and quality throughout.

We enjoy being a practice whose ability and size allow us to provide Architecture, Landscape and Masterplanning services at any scale and in any sector. Our experience has seen us work in sectors including mixed use, residential, workplace, education, arts, leisure, civic and infrastructure with projects ranging from 700 apartment regeneration schemes to exhibition design.

Our body of work is characterised by simplicity of form, elegance of proportion and contextual abstraction combined with a highly considered composition of materiality and detail.

Our rigorous and iterative design process generates a level of consistency throughout our work with differentiation provided by the influences of context that inform moments of delight in ordering, reveal, entrance, crown, colour, palette and detail.