Berlin Calling: Announcing our Berlin Office

Berlin Calling: Announcing our Berlin Office

Hutchinson & Partners are pleased to announce that we will be opening an Office in Berlin this summer. We’re also pleased to announce that Jörn Rabach will be joining us as the Director of the Berlin office.

The team at Hutchinson & Partners have a strong affinity with Germany and the opening of our Berlin office fulfils a long held ambition. In order to understand the city we will be undertaking a research project entitled ‘Twelve Sites’ (or Zwölf Grundstücke). The study will look at 12 sites in each of the 12 districts of the city over a 12-month period culminating in an exhibition in Berlin in July 2020.

To celebrate the opening of our Berlin Office we are hosting ‘Berlin Calling’, a party of architecture, music, food and drink. Beer, bratwurst and banging tunes, will remind us that there is much to celebrate about the kinship we have with our friends on the continent and that we are still Europeans despite the recent political turmoil.

The event forms part of the 2019 London Festival of Architecture and responds aptly to this year’s theme of ‘boundaries’ by celebrating the union between London and Berlin at a time when others seek to divide. London and Berlin share many of the same issues, from growth and housing shortage to workplace shifts and heritage conservation, but there are also a huge variety of things that make each city distinct. There has never been a more important moment to identify points of similarity and difference, extolling both as positive areas for learning and growth.

Berlin Calling will be taking place at our home in The Record Hall on the 20th June from 6pm-9.30pm.

You can register for the event by following the link below:

The Architect’s Journal also recently featured the news of the opening of our Berlin Office, a link to the article can be found here: