Karishma Dayalji

Architectural Assistant Part I

Karishma joined Hutchinson & Partners in June 2020, after having worked as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at a small scale practice in Manchester, where she worked on a range of residential projects.

Karishma completed her BA degree at Newcastle University in June 2019, where her graduation project looked at context, materiality and construction to create intangible qualities of atmospheres to form inhabitable spaces with in a monastic complex. Karishma’s final year dissertation explored the tectonic properties of mycelium through material tinkering as a sustainable alternative to traditional structural materials. Following her degree, Karishma spent time in Fiji volunteering to build the Naweni Kindergarten and playground, using locally sourced timber, tools and building techniques, which led her to appreciate the complexities of constructional processes and their on-site solutions. Her experience led her to further understand the importance of her involvement in providing an invaluable resource to the children of Naweni Village.