Ajay Mohan

BSc, MArch (Distinction)

Architectural Assistant Part II

Ajay joined Hutchinson and Partners in January 2023 after graduating with distinction from his Masters at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

His final thesis dissertation, ‘Reflexive Material Markets’ sought to investigate the elusive financial systems that drive the City of London and the extraction, commodification and trade of Portland Stone throughout time. Through this investigatory lens, the thesis reoriented the relationship between the City and the Isle of Portland as a vibrant, discursive and storied history of our how our in-flux perceptions and societal constructs of money and finance began to intersect with the dormant layers of stone buried within the geological strata of the Isle. Via a series of physical explorations of the City, the culmination of the design thesis were a series of films that alternated between land, sea and air, developed from a combination of filmed footage on the streets of London, digital animation and experimentations in motion tracking.

Before joining Hutchinson and Partners and following his undergraduate studies at the University of Bath, Ajay gained experience at Hopkins Architects and 318 Studio, working on a range of projects in residential and commercial sectors. Following his studies at the Bartlett, Ajay is interested in pursuing his interest in filmmaking and screenwriting.