Limal Harris

BA (Hons) MA

Architectural Assistant Part II

Limal joined Hutchinson & Partners in January 2019, having recently completed his MA in Architecture at the Royal College of Art, London.

His final year design research as part of ADS4 emerged in response to its brief, which challenged the students to reconsider the emergent technological context in which we discover ourselves today as design practitioners, including the significance of post-production to architecture; as a set of techniques borrowed from media, but also as part of a broader claim having to do with the special susceptibility of our various collective and personal experiences of reality in contemporary society, to manipulation by the technologies which mediate them. Using critical design techniques, his project attempted to explore the implications of an imminent question pertaining to these themes; asking what becomes of architecture in a world that believes in the potential of an AI God, and putting forward the work of Argentinian essayist Borges as an allegorical frame in the design interrogation of this speculative future, culminating in the transformation of an existing site in the City of London – the Faraday Building – based on a methodology of manual engagement with automated processes.

Prior to Hutchinson and Partners, Limal spent time in practice as an assistant at a small office specialising in timber construction, wineries and private housing in the east of France.